Undergraduate Courses

CPSC 405: Software Entrepreneurship
Development of business models, building software prototypes and creation of pitch presentations to create a software-based business.

CPSC 231: Introduction to Computer Science for Computer Science Majors I
Introduction to problem solving, the analysis and design of small-scale computational systems, and implementation using a procedural programming language. For computer science majors.

CPSC 233: Introduction to Computer Science for Computer Science Majors II
Continuation of Introduction to Computer Science for Computer Science Majors I. Emphasis on object-oriented analysis and design of small-scale computational systems and implementation using an object oriented language. Issues of design, modularization, and programming style will be emphasized.

CPSC 441: Computer Communications
Principles and practice in modern telecommunications, computer communications and networks. Layered communication protocols and current physical, data link, network and Internet protocol layers. Circuit switching, packet switching, and an introduction to broadband multimedia networking.

CPSC 457: Principles of Operating Systems
An introduction to operating systems principles. Performance measurement; concurrent programs; the management of information, memory and processor resources.

Graduate Courses

CPSC 601.38: Networking Systems
This course provides an introduction to system design and implementation issues presented in modern networking systems. The course focuses on various network applications and their corresponding network environments. By the end of this course, students should have good knowledge and some experience in system design.

CPSC 601.46: P2P Networking Systems
This course is designed to give you an introduction to various Peer-to-Peer networking systems and recent research work in the areas. Major topics to be covered in this course include: overlay constructions, P2P distributed file systems, P2P content delivery networks, P2P multimedia networks, and the social networks. This course will review existing literatures of the selected areas and explore some state-of-the-art networking systems. Students will complete a project of their interests but related to the course.